A Few Tips on How to Get the Spring Back in Your Step

Hey Superheroes!   Along with helping you get stronger and sexier we also work hard to help you move and feel better, too.  As strength and fitness analysts (our new self-proclaimed job title), we deal with a lot of people who have issues with their feet and ankles.There will be times in your life when you experience aches, pains, and soreness in this specific area and we want you to know how to work around it.  Since the feet are our two points of stability that keep us upright, they do a lot of work throughout the course of a day.  One thing to understand is this is NOT just an issue for people who are on their feet all day and can also be problematic for all you desk ninjaz who may UNDERUSE your feet.  The video below will give you a better understanding about different modalities that you can use to take care of the underlying issues while keeping your feet healthy.

Here are some key points to take away from the video

  1. Move more. DUHHH!!
  2. Move more efficiently (Focus on technique and form, especially when running)
  3. Do more myofascial techniques on the foot to make the tissues more malleable
  4. Hydrate your body
  5. Get the spring back in your step by doing some jump rope and/or single leg/bilateral line hops (remember to be quite like a ninja). This will improve the elasticity of the tissues of your feet

And when all else fails, a good foot rub from your significant other can be magical!  Strength and fitness analyst prescribed!

Stay Strong!!