The BEST Training Program For Fat Loss

We all have different reasons for why we train or work out ranging from performance to stress relief to injury prevention.  Let’s face it though, most of us are simply on that never-ending quest to just look good naked.  I don’t know about you, but I not only like to BE ridiculously fit, I like to look the part as well.  I mean, who doesn’t want to be #SexyAF?So, what’s the best training program for fat loss?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles out there that answer just that.  Just Google it and you’ll get over 27 million pages.  27 million!  Well, this isn’t going to be that article.

We want to make it simpler for you because the truth is that everything works even though everyone claims that theirs is ‘the BEST’.  It may not always be sustainable or even sane (there’s one even called Insanity) but everything works.

With that said, the #1 thing to understand when it comes to training for fat loss…

fat loss

You will never out train your diet!  (But training still matters!)

If you’re attacking fat loss by crushing yourself in the gym and not giving two effs about your nutrition then you’re fighting a losing battle.  It’s like riding a stationary bike and expecting to go somewhere and instead just getting really, really tired.

I’ve seen a lot of people spend hours in the gym each week and lead active lives and still see little to no results.  That’s a wicked bummer to invest all that time and not get the result you’re looking for.

Some will blame the workout or even start to feel like there’s something wrong with them but rest assured, there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!  You just need to refocus.

Where should you start?

If your true goal is fat loss, your workouts won’t matter much until you get your calories in check.  In fact, just getting your daily caloric intake into a deficit will get you at least 90% of the way to your fat loss goals.  Huzzah!

It’s incredibly important to understand that you can only burn so many calories when you train which just so happens to be not as much as we think.

Consider the fact that a heavy weight training session may burn roughly 500 calories.  Or running 2 miles which may burn  200 calories or so.  Now imagine that big fat cheeseburger and fries which can easily cover 800-900 calories.

Your Training Still Matters

I will admit that many beginners will lose weight and get a pretty solid training effect from exercise alone, especially in the first couple months of training.  This effect will only last for so long though and nutrition will eventually be the most important factor for fat loss.  It would be great if it worked forever….but it doesn’t.

Your training still matters quite a bit, however, but not in the way you may think.  Rather than thinking of exercise as just a way to burn calories, think of it as a way to give you more abilities.  Things like strength, movement, and performance will allow you to do more as a human.

Think of your strength and fitness as a glass and daily activities are what you fill the glass with.  The bigger the glass is, the more things you can fill it with.  And in doing so burn more calories throughout the day, not just arbitrary ones during your workout.  Think of it like compound interest.

It’s also important to note that you MUST find something you enjoy doing.  It helps if it is fun, progressive, and surrounded by people you enjoy being around.  We built our studio around those philosophies because, well, science!

Wrapping It Up

You can’t out train your diet!  Repeat that several times.  Got it?  Good.

Training still matters though as it will help you be more active and live your best life.  The best program for fat loss is one that will get you stronger and help you perform better.  It’s also ridiculously important that it is something that you enjoy doing!

At the beginning of your journey, exercise will give you solid results.  After that you MUST focus on being in a caloric deficit… if fat loss is the goal of course!

One more time: you can’t out train your diet!!!

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