Back to the Basics: Deadlift

Today’s article is for all of you superheroes who want to pick up heavy things off of the floor without having to worry about nagging lower back discomfort and/or pain.


I am going to take a closer look into some of the issues that our coaches have been seeing with the way people are performing the deadlift.  Here at AMP, the deadlift is a staple exercise that teaches all of you ninjas how to move more efficiently through the hips while establishing good core position.  It is also a lot of fun to pick up heavy things off of the floor that you never imagined you could.  It quite simply makes you feel like a superhero.

Watch the video below if you want to lift heavy things from the ground without that annoying lower back discomfort and/or pain.  Even if you don’t have any nagging lower back discomfort, I would still suggest you watch.  It will most definitely improve your movement quality over the long run.  Enjoy!!!

Below are action points to keep in mind when performing the deadlift.

  • Your hands are the only connection to the weight
  • Imagine you arms as a rope or chain that is connected to your back
  • The back DOES NOT perform the movement, it MAINTAINS the weight that you are holding
  • Brace your abs hard
  • Legs drive the movement. Push the ground away from you


To Your Strength,

Eric Temple