Training for Fat Loss: Putting It In Perspective

Hey there!If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably at some point asked the question, “What is the best training program for fat loss?” and may have even tried several “best” training programs for fat loss over the years.  Wait, they can’t all be the best.  Can they?

Well, I’m going to shed a little light on the situation and help get you in the right mindset to take your fat loss training to the next level.  I want you jumping out of your seat in agreement and get re-excited to train hard and nail your fat loss goals!

The best training program…

How many times have you read a magazine cover that touts the latest, cutting-edge workout to incinerate fat and give you washboard abs?  If you’ve ever had a subscription to something like Men’s Health or Shape magazine then the answer is probably once a month.  I’m sure many of you have tried these workouts and found that you didn’t look like the cover model after finishing the program.  What gives?

Marketing is a wonderful thing, huh?  If any of these were in fact a magical fat-loss workout I’m pretty sure everyone would be doing it!  Clever marketing is used to sell you something that 9 times out of 10 you don’t need.

To be completely honest, everything works.  Especially when it comes to fat loss.  And yes, that does mean that we don’t have the BEST training program for fat loss at First Guess Fitness.  It doesn’t exist.

So what does work?  You’re going to have your mind blown in 3…..2…..1….hard fucking work and insane and consistency with mastering the basics: moving better, getting stronger, eating well, and busting your ass when you train.

If you go from eating poorly to eating sensibly, you’ll look and feel better without even touching a weight.  Then if you add in ANY training regimen, you’ll see even greater results and experience faster gains.  As coach-philosopher Dan John says, “Everything works, especially in the beginning, but only for so long.”

With this being the case, a better approach would be to use your training sessions to fulfill a purpose other than fat loss.  This can be to prevent injury, move better, master a particular exercise, get better muscle tone, improve posture, or deadlift a monster truck.  I mean, if anything works it only makes sense to train with a purpose!

unnamedThe real training takes place in the kitchen…

If your ultimate goal is fat loss and focusing all of your energy on the gym and then failing at the nutrition part is totally missing the forest for the trees.  Remember, you CAN’T out train your diet!

We’re huge advocates of the Pareto Principle a.k.a. “the 80/20 Rule” where basically 80 percent of results stem from 20% of the effort.  I can’t stress enough that when it comes to fat loss, that 20% IS THE NUTRITION PART.

Very often we hear clients struggle on the nutrition side for and most of the time that struggle ends up being poor planning.  #TheStruggleIsReal

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t have a problem getting your training in but struggles with planning nutrition all you need is a little paradigm shift…

If you’re planning to work out for 5+ hours a week and then find you don’t have time to cook and prepare food then you’d be better off working out 3-4hrs a week and spending 1-2 hours prepping and planning your food.

Mind blown!

Wrapping it up….

It’s impressive that if you only take away one thing when it comes to fat loss it’s that you CAN’T out train your diet!  If your big hairy audacious goal is to lose fat to feel great, look good naked, and be confident in your body and your only focus is on the training side you’re doing it the hard way and may be preventing yourself from reaching your goals.

A better approach is to spend more time training your diet and planning your attack in the kitchen.  As the saying goes, fail to plan and you’re planning to fail!