AMP T.V. Episode 1: How to Live Your Best Life

Whoosh!  Bam!  Pow!Now that We’ve got your attention, We’re super excited to announce we’re launching our very own Podcast (soon) called AMP T.V. where we’ll be talking about topics to help you nail your fitness goals and live your best life.  From training to nutrition to mindset, we want to share our coaching knowledge with all of you!

We’ll be coving a new topic each Sunday so if you have something you want to learn more about or hear us rap about please shoot us an email and let us know!  Each episode will be 100% free to download and listen to on Youtube or iTunes!

Why are we doing this?  We LOVE to coach and want to put as much good content out into the world as possible to help YOU crush it. This is our mission.

We thought it was only fitting that for the first episode we cover what it actually means to us to live your best life. We talk about it a lot with our clients at AMP but we don’t always go deep down into that rabbit hole and discuss what it means to us and action steps for you.

Without further adieu….

We hope you enjoyed and please ask questions and join the discussion!  Let us know what it means to YOU to live your best life!

2 thoughts on “AMP T.V. Episode 1: How to Live Your Best Life”

  1. Very nice start to establishing a podcast. I enjoyed the initial conversation on goals. It reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow, “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”Loved the outtakes!

    1. Thanks! And I LOVE that quote! Totally going to ‘borrow’ for an article I’m writing on self-limiting beliefs!