Do You ‘Need’ a Six-Pack?

Well hello there, friend!

I see you’ve come here to have a very specific question answered for your unique situation but, alas, we have never met. For me to answer that question for you I would need LOTS more information. Like, what are your goals? What is your body-type? What is your fitness history? What is your current situation like? Are your goals health, aesthetic, or sport related? What is your current BMI… in the morning… on Mars?

So yeah, it’s kind of presumptuous that most marketing targets you thinking everyone wants six-pack abs, huh?

Or what’s even more problematic is confounding ‘leanness’ as being more ‘healthy’.

The truth is that while there’s nothing wrong with setting the goal for yourself of attaining six-pack abs, it’s not entirely necessary for most health-related fitness goals. You can 100% be healthy AF without visible abs. In fact, research shows you can be quite healthy at a wide-range of body types provided certain levels of physical activity are achieved along with proper nutrition.

So while having a visible six pack may indicate good overall health, it doesn’t give the whole picture. Not even close.

To help you choose whether or not they could be a good goal for you, here are some common six-pack related myths:

Myth #1 Visible Abs = Fit Abs

Truth: Having a visible six-pack serves no functional purpose for the human body. None. Having a certain level of leanness does not translate into increased fitness, functionality, or strength. In fact, with proper training and fitness your core can function at optimal levels at most body types and sizes.

Conversely, training your abs effectively for health and function also does not translate into visible abs. While you may need to workout a bit more frequently but most of the work will need to be done in the kitchen AND the other 167 hours a week with things like sleep and stress reduction.

Myth #2 Anyone Can Achieve Visible Abs With Just a Few Changes To Their Fitness and Nutrition

Truth: While a select few may have stellar genetics and an innate motivation to stay fit, for the vast majority of humans there is a real cost to achieving that level of leanness.

There are some serious trade-offs that have to be considered to lose significant amounts of body fat. The more lean, the bigger the trade-off. These can range from social sacrifices, extra planning, extra attention to other habits (sleep, stress, activity, etc), extra exercise sessions, sacrificing some other hobbies, tracking nutrition, and more.

Myth #3 You Need Abs to Be Healthy

Truth: ‘F’ that noise! As I mentioned before, optimal health shouldn’t be confused with leanness. While there may be some overlap, you can certainly be healthyAF in many body types. Not only that, becoming healthier is a much easier process as it just requires modest changes to your fitness, nutrition, and habits that will add up over time.

In fact, there are times when very low levels of leanness may have adverse effects on your health. It may effect your sleep, mental well being, nutrition, and even your hormones. For women, it may even screw with your menstrual cycle.

Myth #4 A Six-Pack Will Make You More Attractive

Truth: First, you are attractive and beautiful regardless of your level of leanness. Second, fuck the social construct of thinness as metric for beauty.

That said, in a large-scale study, only 2% of people actually consider a six-pack a requirement of physical attractiveness. ONLY TWO FREAKIN’ PERCENT! Nuff said.

Back to our original question. Do YOU need a six-pack?

Whether you answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’, that’s completely up to you, friend. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having them or working to achieve them. Visible abs also aren’t necessary for optimal health or fitness which can both be more easily attained by focusing on small improvements to your habits over time. #OnePercentBetterEveryDay

Wishing You All Health and Fitness Happiness,


P.S. You sexy and you know it.

P.P.S. If you find that you constantly struggle with your weight or appearance it may be important to check in with a qualified professional as many eating disorders and body dysmorphia go untreated. Know that you’re not alone and there are lots of way to get support.

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