Mindset Roadblocks

Damn right I like the life I live. Cause I went from negative to positive and it’s all… good.” – The Notorious B.I.G.

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve decided to work on being a better version of yourself by working on your fitness, nutrition, and mindset habits.  It means you’re ready to kick some ass and grow as a human!  And since this post starts with a Biggie Smalls quote, you KNOW you’re going to learn some stuff.

On your epic journey, there are going to be many roadblocks that get in your way.  It’s inevitable.  You might get busy at work and miss a workout or forget to plan a healthy breakfast or be attacked by a pack of killer ninjas on your way to Starbucks in the morning and sprain your ankle while defending your honor.  Sometimes, these are unavoidable.  Life happens.  And that’s okay!

What you CAN avoid are the roadblocks that happen in your MIND.  Or at least be able to identify them and keep living your best life.  In this post I’m going to share some common mental roadblocks you’ll experience while trying to grow (your booty and mentally) and what to do about them.

1. “I am what I am and I can’t get any better.”

This is an example of a fixed mindset.  It’s where you believe your basic qualities, like intelligence or skills, are simply fixed traits. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing them. They also believe that talent alone creates success—without effort.

What to do: Instead, adopt a #GrowthMindsetBelieve that you CAN develop your abilities through dedication and hard work no matter where you are. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for human happiness and great accomplishment.

2. “I’m not good enough.”

There is a lot of pressure in our culture to ‘stack up’ and ‘be better than the next guy’. This causes us to zoom in on our perceived ‘flaws’, which gives us a feeling that there is something wrong with us.  That somehow we’re not good enough.

What to do: Focus on what you love about yourself and all of your positive qualities because you are, in fact, an amazing human being!  A powerful reminder is the quote, “Until you stop breathing, there’s more right with you than is wrong with you.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

3. “I should be able to…”

We are constantly bombarded by social media which only shows us images through a narrow lens of success. We compare ourselves to others’ success and end up coming down with a case of the ‘shoulds’.  This can easily cause a mixed bag of feelings such as frustration, anxiety, anger and depression to emerge.

What to do: Understand that the people who seem to have it all do not. Every human is beautifully imperfect and they are going through similar challenges.  You must make peace with where you are now in order to become satisfied with the journey toward something new.  “Today you are you!  That is truer than true!  There is no one alive that is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss

4. “I’m not worth it.”

In today’s society, we spend a great deal of our time in service of others. Taking care of our family, producing work for our boss, helping a friend.  I fully believe that you in fact SHOULD spend your life in service of others but that doesn’t mean that you NEED to spend a great deal of your time taking care of yourself; your health, your fitness and your mindset.

What to do: Realize that the BEST thing you can do for others is take care of yourself first.  If you’re not able to be 100% your authentic self, you are robbing the world of an awesome gift.   And that comes when you are healthy, happy and able to be the best version of yourself.

5. “I can’t (insert action)”

One of the most harmful roadblocks is a deep-seated belief that you can’t do something and that’s the way it is.  More oftenthan not this will prevent you from trying, enjoying the process, and leave you feeling helpless.

What to do: Focus on progress, not perfection and on how far you’ve come rather than how far you have left to go.  Instead of only ‘seeing’ the end result, get started right where you are now and start making progress towards that thing.  Enjoy the process and celebrate the fact that you’re trying and making progress!

These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves at one point or another and the answer is always, “YES, you ARE good enough, you CAN get better and you ARE totally worth it!”.

Wrapping It Up

There are so so so many things in our lives that we will never have control over but our mindset and our beliefs aren’t one of them.  You just need to believe in yourself so hard because you are so worth it, you can do awesome things,

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