AMP Superhero Spotlight: Bob Buhlman

I’d like to introduce the First Guess Fitness community to Bob.  Since starting his quest back in 2009 to get fit and crush his first goal of doing 10 good pull-ups, he has completed other remarkable feats such as:

  • deadlifting 330lbs just before his 50th birthday
  • wrestling a polar bear….and winning
  • doing a 32kg Turkish Get Up
  • almost bench pressed 250lbs!
  • making Chuck Norris cry

Some of these facts might be embellished….maybe.  To help you all get to know Bob a little better here is some more insight into his training world.  Enjoy!

1) How long have you been training?

I have only been training for a little less than 10 years.  Before I started working with Steve back at Fitcorp in 2009 I did little more than run and use some of the machines.

3) What is your long-term fitness goal?

Ultimately, I aim to age very well.  I want to be in shape when I am ready to retire.  Other than that I have my sights set on completing a 250lb bench press.

4) What is your favorite exercise?

The bench press and anything where I can lift heavy weight.

5) What is your least favorite exercise?

Pretty much anything involving touching my toes because I can’t.  And single leg exercises, they are awful.          

6) What is your greatest achievement/training experience since joining AMP?

Competing in two AAU powerlifting competitions.  I never would have done it without Steve’s coaching and persistence in telling me I could do it!  I even placed first both times!


7) What does being an AMP Superhero and being part of the AMP Family mean to you?

It means that I found a place to work toward overall well-being, which is my new favorite word.  To me, well-being means strength training (which I love), flexibility training (which I don’t love but do need), diet and sleep all coming together to create good health.  AMP gives me a foundation for all of those things.

8) What is your favorite AMP moment?

I’m going to go with the opening which is happening soon!  It will be great to see Steve finally get the dream up and running and be a part of it.  I love training as part of a team!

9) Having trained in other gyms, what makes the First Guess Fitness training environment so unique?

The program is unique to me (not everyone else who comes in the door),it grows with me, and I get to be part of a team.  I get 100% support both in and outside the AMP walls which goes above and beyond what I expected when I started training.  I feel like I am part of the AMP family!

10) What would you say to anyone who doesn’t know what training at AMP is all about?

You won’t find another facility and training team that delivers even close the service that is provided at AMP.  Steve makes sure that everyone performs to the best of their ability and has a good time while doing it.  Best choice you will ever make!

Also, think about your training like saving for your retirement.  It is best when you do it constantly;  don’t stop because you will fall behind; and get an adviser.  The older you get, the better you will feel about where you are.