I’m SUPER Busy! How Do I Improve My Fitness and Nutrition?!

In today’s ‘always-on-the-go’ world, it becomes REALLY easy for a busy professional to allow their fitness and nutrition to fall to the wayside.  As a new business owner, I totally get it.There are only so many hours in the day and there is always something you should be doing.  It was a breeze in my 20s to find the time to work out for an hour or more 4-5 days a week but that is hardly the case anymore.  With a wife, a business, a dog, family and friends it gets a bit dicey finding YOU time.

It becomes a challenge for those who KNOW what to do and even more-so for those who don’t.  Then throw in all of the conflicting information on the interwebs and infomercials and most people are likely to give up all together.

What sucks is this scenario is all too common…but it doesn’t have to be.


To help you understand what you must do to take control of your health, fitness and nutrition you must first answer two questions:

  1. What do you really NEED to do to be happy, healthy, lean, and fit?
  2. How does THIS (health and fitness ‘stuff’) fit into your current lifestyle?

The fact is that most people don’t need much to begin to be happier, healthier, and fitter than they are now.  One of the biggest things we preach at First Guess Fitness is to start where you are NOW and only focus on getting 1% better each day.  It’s really that simple.

Not only that but chances are you are able to meet the minimum effective dose in order to continually improve your health and fitness NO MATTER what your lifestyle is.  Remember what I just mentioned about focusing primarily on getting 1% better every day.  It will change your whole perspective! 🙂

What is the best training program when you’re busy?

First and foremost you have to do what you like…even at least a little.  I’m not a runner nor do I enjoy running on a regular basis.  Or in bad weather.  Or on the pavement.  I like running sometimes with my dog, Koa, on the 2 miles trails near our apartment.  Needless to say, if I have little time to train I’m probably not going to start a running program.

Side note: We recommend getting fit to run, NOT running to get fit.  Take if for what it’s worth. 🙂

With that said, when you are crunched for time and limited to one or two workouts a week efficiency becomes the keystone of your training endeavors.  What is the most important thing you can do to improve your health and fitness?

For most of us that is going to be working hard to counteract all the deleterious effects of the hours we put in behind a desk.    Do some of the more bang-for-your-buck exercises that will oppose the desk posture.  For instance you should do everything in your power to strengthen your glutes, abs, mid-back, and well, your whole backside for that matter.

Here is a super time-saving circuit that can be as long or as short as you would like.  7-minute strength and posture…..has a nice ring to it.  Infomercial time?

7-30min Home/Office Strength and Posture Circuit

*Perform A1-A3 as a circuit 2-4 times depending on how stiff you are

A1) 3D Lat Stretch x :20/side

A2) Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x :30/side

A3) Wall Slides x 10

*Perform B1-B5 as a circuit for the rest of the time you have to crush it

B1) Bodyweight Squat x 8

B2) Bear Crawls x 10yds

B3) T-Spine Rotation x 10/side

B4) Hip Thrust (on chair/couch/table) or Glute Bridges x 12

B5) Deadbugs x 5/side (substitute: Plank x :30)

Seriously.  This will make you feel amazing and prevent things from going downhill!

What is the best diet for fat loss when you’re busy?

I have been asked this question A LOT since becoming a health and fitness expert and my answer is always the same:

The one that works for you.

Seriously.  A great coach and mentor of mine, Dan John, puts it like this:  “Every diet works as long as you follow it…but only for so long.”  Basically, if you find something that works for you and you follow it for a decent period of time you will probably see results.  If you only give it 1-2 weeks chances are you will just end up frustrated.

Paleo, the Zone Diet, Atkins, intermittent fasting, keto, etc….they all work.  But there is one key ingredient: consistency.

For a busy professional, the consistency part is what is going to matter the most but that becomes a challenge when, well, you’re busy.  So how do you stay consistent when you are busy as f#$k?!


Make small changes, keep it simple, and allow some flexibility.

Keep it simple and focus on eating whole foods (meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts) for MOST meals over processed food but obviously that’s not always an option.  You’re an adult.  Make good choices and remember that you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy.


This works well for busy professionals since you should be able to ebb and flow with your lifestyle.  This approach is sane and simple and is the best approach to continue to see success and stay happy in the long-term!  #winning

In conclusion

  • It doesn’t take as much as most people think to improve your current fitness and continue to improve 1% every day.
  • Efficiency is key so when you have limited time to train, focus on what will provide more bang-for-your-buck.  Mostly your glutes.
  • I didn’t mention it above but when it comes to fat loss: YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A SHITTY DIET.  It won’t work.  Ever.  So stop trying to kill yourself in the gym if you eat poorly.  I’m sure it’s exhausting.
  • All diets work if you follow them.  Stick to one that makes sense for you and you will see results.
  • When changing your nutrition plan, make SMALL changes, keep them simple, and allow for flexibility.
  • Keep being awesome, you know you already are!