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OK to be honest, AMP doesn’t have a book club…yet…but that doesn’t mean we can’t dish out some fantastic book reviews.This is the time of year new goals, wants and needs come into focus for us.  Maybe you pledged to yourself to find a new job or start a whole new career, get in shape, make new friends, maybe cut ties with those that hold you down.   I, personally, have been in the midst of a profession transition this year and so I have developed quite the long list of books that I want to/need to read.  I am sure that I will be sharing some terrific knowledge bombs with you from my reading throughout this year, but I wanted to start with a book that I just finished reading and journaling in.

The Desire Map – A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul, written by Danielle Laporte is a game changer.


Anyone looking for a little direction in life or maybe a little guidance in really laying out what is important to you, this book can really help put life in perspective.

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TDM is a two part book; the first half is really guiding you through this concept that what we desire is not the goal itself but the feeling that we attain when we reach these goals. Such as a goal of wanting to loose 10lbs, it’s not the loosing the 10lbs  that we crave it’s the feeling of accomplishment, to feel proud, sexy, desirable, or confident. Maybe you want a new job, but you honestly just want to feel at peace, worthy, respected, accomplished, and valuable.

The second part of this book is a workbook.  You are guided through your “Life Areas”: Livelihood, Body & Wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationships & Society and Essence & Spirituality.  You write what you crave, want more of, things that boost you up and bring you down.  All along narrowing what it is you really want at this moment in time.  You are not just creating goals, but you attaching yourself to a feeling of what you desire.

“I want to make more MONEY, but I really want to just feel SECURE”.

Reading TDM I learned more about myself that I didn’t even recognize was there.  It helped guide me to realize that what I claimed as my goals, where a superficial tittle to that feeling that I craved.  I started it with no real exceptions or goals on my mind, but trust me it will light a fire in you that you won’t expect!


“What we focus on expands, so choosing to focus on life-affirming feelings is the surest way to create the experience you want” ~ TDM


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    Your struggles to get fit in the past
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