Safety & Etiquette for the Kettlebell Ninja

To help you train safe while you get stronger and sexy AF, we put together a short film to help you learn all about kettlebell safety and etiquette.  I mean, these things ARE made out of cast iron and can get pretty heavy.  You must respect the bell! Enjoy our little tribute to silent film!


Part 1: Safety

As you can see, there’s a bit more to training than just the exercises. Practicing good technique when picking up the bells (and putting them down) is just as important as proper execution. You stay safe = you train longer = BETTER RESULTS!


Here is a super-quick breakdown of what you learned in the video:

  1. Choosing Your Bell
    • Choose the kettlebell you are confident you can control.
    • Don’t choose one you can’t lift with proper technique, you’ll get stronger faster with good technique.  We promise!
  2. How to Pick Up Your Kettlebell
    • Make it a habit to pick up each bell the same no matter how heavy it is.
    • Don’t assume the little one won’t cause trouble.
  3. Maintain a ‘Neutral Spine’
    • The line from the back of your neck to your butt should be a ‘gentle’ curve.
    • Don’t round your back like a candy cane or execssively arch your back like Niki Minaj.
  4. Cleaning the Kettlebell to the ‘Racked’ Position
    • Perform a ‘clean’ or ‘safe clean’ only.  Clean is with one hand and a safe clean is with 2 hands.
    • Don’t forget rule # 2!
  5. Cleaning the Kettlebell to the ‘Goblet’ Position
    • Deadlift the kettlebell and continue pulling to chest height.
    • Don’t forget rule #2!
  6. The Racked Position
    • Keep your wrist neutral.
    • Keep your forearm tucked to your ribcage.
    • Keep your elbow under your wrist.
    • Never hang out with your hand outside your armpit/body.
  7. Always Finish the Exercise
    • Safely finish each set and set the kettlebell down under control.
    • Don’t stop in the middle of an exercise just because time is up. (We see this A LOT)
  8. When to Get Out Of the Way
    • Safely guide the bell down to earth if you’re going to lose it.  It happens, be ready for it.
    • If you lose control of the bell, don’t contest for space.  Get out of the way!
  9. Make Sure Your Space is Clear (not in the video but still important)
    • Make sure there aren’t other bells or equipment lying around you can trip on.

Part 2: Etiquette

And to help you not be ‘that’ guy or gal in the gym here are couple kettlebell etiquette tips. These will allow you to coexist with fellow gym goers so everyone can live happily ever after.

manners matter.gifmanners matter.gif
  1. Be Aware of Your BFF’s Space
    • The person swinging the bell has the right of way.
    • Don’t walk in front of  a swinging bell (for obvious reasons).
  2. Appropriate Use of Chalk
    • Use a brick of chalk to apply where the kettlebell rubs.
    • Do not scoop chalk dust or throw it in the air like Labron.  (It’s not good for the vacuum either)

Maybe you need a little help with the basics or are looking for the next step in your fitness journey. And we want to guide you! If you’re interested in learning more about our training programs and what you need to do next to nail your fitness goals click here. –>