Spiderweb Goals

We LOVE goals.No, seriously, we REALLY love them!

They keep us motivated and working towards something tangible.  This makes training more exciting and will ultimately help us stay focused for longer periods of time when otherwise we would get bored.  Remember, the BEST results come when you’re focused on the process!

In regards to fitness, they will help guide your training.  You can focus on body composition (eg fat loss, build muscle, etc), skill acquisition (eg learning to squat, perform a pull up, etc), or strength (eg bench press 100lbs, deadlift bodyweight, etc).  This gives you direction for how you spend time in the gym.

Recently, we’ve had a large amount of superheroes nailing their 1st bodyweight pull up.  This is freaking amazeballs and NOT a simple feat.  You need to celebrate that shit!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.10.03 PM

But it got us thinking about what happens when we reach our goals and need to make new ones.  So often when we reach a fitness goal we look for the next one; the next skill to learn, the next activity to nail, the next adventure.  Yesterday’s accomplishment gets left in the dust.

Take pull ups for example:  If you accomplish your first body weight pull (which is a FANTASTIC feat of strength) you then look for a different skill to nail, BUT what about those pull ups.  What about accomplishing 5 pull ups or 10?  How about weighted pulls up?  If you nailed neutral grip pulls ups, how about trying a straight bar pull up?  There are SO MANY new adventures that will stem from your already accomplished goal.

There’s no need to rack your brain for new goals.  Just BUILD on the skills you’ve already accomplished.

This is what we call SPIDERWEB GOALS.  They’re new goals that ‘spiderweb’ off the original.  They allow you to not only capitalize on the skills you already have but BUILD on them.  They will connect to other skills you have building an epic web of accomplishments!  Neat!

Wrapping It Up

Having a goal is a great way to stay focused with your training but that’s not the end of the rope.  Build your ultimate web of infinite skills by building off the goals you’ve already crushed!