Can You Age ‘Better’?

Aging can be scary. It’s this unknown, unavoidable process that happens to everyone. In fact, people are so determined to avoid aging that almost $200 billion dollars a year is spent to counteract it’s effects.

fine winefine wine

Thirty somethings want to look twenty something. Forty somethings want to look thirty something. Sixty year olds want to look twenty something again.

But why? What’s so wrong with aging?

The answer is a resounding: NOTHING!

To get a little perspective on aging and what you can do about it to continue feeling your best at any age *coughexercise*, I chatted with one of our AF Members, Mary.

Truths About Aging

Aging is happening all the time. Right now you’re the oldest you’ve ever been… and that’s okay!

We can choose to accept this fact and enjoy the process of working with it or fight it with every medical advancement available and the power of denial.

The latter might work, but is there an easier way?

growth with agegrowth with age

Aging can be enjoyable BUT it isn’t always wonderful. 

Sometimes the aches and pains that develop and the medical issues that follow aren’t the most fun to deal with.  We don’t move around as easily; we have aching joints that seem to come out of nowhere and weight gain happens more easily than ever before. 

These things can be real bummers, but we can be one step ahead if we accept that our bodies need different things to help as we get older.


Here are the 3 exercises that we coach at AMP to work alongside age instead of covering our eyes and pretending we don’t see it coming.


Farmer Carries for Core Strength

WHY? Carrying heavy things helps us to move our bodies better and have the strength to move stuff from point A to Point B. This functional exercise is often overlooked as being too simple but in this case simple works! The dynamic nature allows your body to stabilize your joints as you move which makes it like a moving plank.


Split Squats for Balance

WHY? Single leg strength will keep you moving like a ninja with great balance and control. Maintaining quality movement through your hips, knees and feet will help keep your body strong and able as you age.


Grip Strength for Longevity

WHY? Holding onto things, opening and closing things.  We take our hands and feet for granted until we start to losing the ability to do simple tasks such as open a door or take a step forward. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.32.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.32.49 PM.png

Grip strength is a skill that is built upon every time you pick up weight. Deadlifts are a perfect exercise for this and here is an AMP member showing off her deadlift skill at her 3rd powerlifting meet!


What you CAN do to age well:

Your mission:

  1. Show love to your body and maintain a positive mindset towards getting older, it happens to all of us.

  2. Approach your fitness by staying proactive about maintaining strength and your abilities.

You don’t have to have the biggest biceps in the room to be at your optimal healthy peak, but if you’re actively working to get 1% better every day you can bet your doing something right!

Thank you to AMP Member Mary Truslow for the speaking with me about her journey through aging and how fitness and movement helped to keep her living her best life.

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Lindsay is the co-founder of AMP as well as entrepreneur, fitness educator, expert nutrition coach, and SUPER mom to Liam. She also has an niche expertise in pre- and post- natal fitness for women. Her empathy, enthusiasm, and body-positive approach to health and fitness has allowed her to help clients reach their goals and feel GREAT about their results, both mental and physical. Lindsay loves all things music, dance, and spending time with family and friends.

Instagram: @StrengthDespiteSize