Create Rituals to Change Habits

More and more I’m beginning to understand the power of our own habits and the role they play in achieving untold success in our lives.  When it comes to our health and fitness, our habits shape our ability to lose fat, gain muscle and move like a ninja.  Basically, becoming hot AF involves changing the habits that are blocking our path.  So how do you do it?The simple solution would be make better food choices and nail your workouts.  The problem is the fact that we’re not simple organisms and most of our habits are happening on the subconscious level.  Our simple human-monkey brains can be dicks.

How do you change your habits?


One way to change a habit is to simply replace it with another habit.  This is because nature abhors a vacuum.  It doesn’t like when you remove something and leave a black hole in it’s wake.

Another way I have found to change habits is to simply create a ritual that triggers the desired response.  Our habits are only actions that are triggered by another emotion or event.  The bulk of which is just because that’s what we’ve always done.  You wake up, you stumble to the bathroom, make coffee, brush your teeth, so on and so forth.  But what would happen if you inserted a new ritual in your morning routine?

Just last week, one of our superheroes told me:

“I am more conscious of what I eat throughout the day on the days that I train at AMP…

Hell Yes!  This is a subconscious choice that happens when participating in a healthy activity.  They followed up with,

“…the weekends are where my eating habits seem to take a back seat”.

I think many of us can relate to letting some of our healthy habits slip on the weekends. I responded by asking what they could do to be more aware of their choices on the weekends.

A light morning jog?

A 15 minute bodyweight circuit?

Meal prep FOR the weekend?

One of my favorite sayings is “environment shapes behavior” by extraordinary human, Jacque Fresco.  If your environment during the weekends consists of binge eating and rounds upon rounds of booze, then it makes sense that this will begin to shape your normal weekend behaviors.

Your Takeaway: Create Exercise Rituals

My GOLDEN NUGGET is start one day each weekend with some form of exercise ritual.  This will help you to be more conscious of your habits the rest of the day.

This would ideally be Saturday when binging temptations tend to be high.  Better decisions here will help you look GREAT Saturday night.  You know what I mean.

This doesn’t have to be exercise in the workout sense of the word either.  Create a ritual of taking the dog for a long walk, doing manual labor around the house, or brushing up on your ninjutsu.  Any type of exercise will do!

You will soon realize that you are more conscious of your food choices the rest of the day.