What To Do When Your Fitness Falls Apart

Remember that time you went on vacation…had a baby…started a new job (or all three at once) and suddenly your fitness got screwed up?

Yeah, me too.

It’s a consistent cycle that we (aka most humans) fall into.

Life happens, our schedule changes and suddenly the idea of getting back to the gym suuuuuucks.

BUT… There is always something you can do.

See, the nice part is that this happens so often that we’ve figured out what seems to help reignite your passionate love affair with the gym.

#1 – Make A Simple Commitment

Why do you go to work every day? Because you need money… And that money helps you do things that you have committed to, like pay bills, take care of your family, and save for a brighter future.

Even on the days that you absolutely hate work — the commitment that you have made keeps you going.

In general, people will follow through on the things that they are genuinely committed to – so start thinking of some ways that you can make small, simple commitments that move you in the right direction. Here’s a list of 3:

  1. Make an appointment to swing by the gym and say hi

  2. See if your gym can pause, rather than cancel your membership before going away 

  3. Schedule a time to grab a healthy lunch with a friend.

And just like that, the idea of getting back into the gym doesn’t seem quite as scary…

#2 – Focus On The Big Rocks

Okay, maybe not THAT big rock.

But it is important to focus on the 80/20 rule when you’re first coming back.

You see, it’s wayyyyy too easy to feel overwhelmed.

Should you start with just going for a few walks, hitting the weights, cardio, or crossfit?!

Let’s not even think about all of our “lose my baby/vacation/taking time off” weight diets that you’ve considered in the past.

To manage feelings of overwhelm and keep your momentum moving in the right direction, try focusing on the ‘big rocks’ AKA the small things that make the biggest impact.

  1. Start with 1-3x/week in the gym, focus on moving well and don’t worry about weight or intensity.

  2. Drink an extra glass of water with each meal.

  3. Have at least 1 meal per day that contains veggies.

Now, there’s ONE more thing that seems to be the ‘magic bullet’ for getting back on track after taking time off…

#3 – Accountability

Having someone who cares about your success — and is willing to encourage you along the way — is a key ingredient when it comes to getting back on track.

For many, the first few weeks of hitting the gym are far from the glorious montage that we might hope. Instead of 80’s hair band music playing as your glisten with sweat and your muscles bulge as you victoriously finish your workout…

It’s more likely that you’ll have a day or two where you’d like nothing more than to skip the gym and do just about anything else.

That’s where it can be incredibly helpful to have a friend or coach to keep you motivated even when the odds are stacked against you. This person can be…

  • A workout partner

  • A personal trainer

  • A coach

  • A family member

But most importantly, they genuinely care about your success. That means they aren’t just going to scream Nike slogans at you or guilting you into getting your butt into the gym.

Bonus: The #1 Thing To Keep In Mind…

. . . Is to remember that in the grand scheme of things, taking a week, month or even a few months off is a small % of the time that you still have to get back on track.

Taking time off for a few months does NOT mean that you’re doomed to the depths of un-fitness forever. But it does mean that you need to make the absolute most of the time that you do have left.

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