Goblet Squat Better

“If it’s important, do it every day” – Dan John

Coincidentally, this exercise we call the goblet squat was popularized by Coach Dan John as well.  Smart fellow.

Squatting is an essential movement pattern that all humans possess as it helps us get down to the ground…and back up again, as well as plays an important role in everything from running to jumping to climbing.  And like everything else in life if you don’t use it, you lose it.

As we age we begin to lose movement quality (this happens almost tenfold if you sit at a desk all day) since we stopIt is therefor an easy case to make that everyone should not only be doing it but should be doing it almost daily.  The weight you use is less important than just doing it!

In the gym we load up the squat with weight to improve core strength in the movement as well as strengthening leg/hip drive.  There are hundreds of different ways to squat either with a barbell, dumbbells, body weight, sandbags, you name it but for most people the goblet squat will not only be among the safest but also tends to be the easiest to learn.  Not only that but it may be the only variation that you will ever really need.

If you can easily squat now then keep it up!  Unfortunately many people avoid squatting because they feel it may hurt their knees but when performed properly it is not only safe but will also protect your knees better than almost any other exercise out there.

Goblet Squats will:

  • Improve your squat mechanics (repetitive, I know but this is VERY important for longevity!)

  • Strengthen your glutes (a.k.a. give you a nice butt)

  • Aid in injury prevention

  • Improve your overall core stability and movement.

How to Perform the Goblet Squat Correctly

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hvA_eHuTisTechnique Tips:

  • Feet/heels around shoulder width

  • Toes either straight ahead or toed out up to roughly 30-45°

  • Dumbbell/kettlebell right against your body

  • Lead with your hips and keep your feet flat

  • Bring your elbows between your knees (use them to push your knees out)

  • Keep your chest up and push through your heels

If you spend long hours sitting and are generally sedentary throughout the day a daily dose of goblet squats will do magical things for your posture and strength.  Do light squats as part of your daily warm-up (1 set of 10-15), do some heavier squats to gain strength throughout the week (3-5 sets of 5-10).  Again, if it’s important, do it every day!