Half a Sandwich

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htUIdAY33MoGangster 1: “What kind of sandwich ain’t too fattening?”Gangster 2: “A half a sandwich.”

In my opinion, this is pretty reasonable advice from the movie, Analyze This.  

Too many people are still getting hung up on what foods are good for you, what foods are bad for you, should I eat breakfast, should I avoid carbs at night, and so on and so forth.  In the grand scheme of things you will see much better results when you stop stressing  about the minutia and focus on the big picture: eating less calories.

No food is inherently bad for you any anything in excess is probably not a good idea.

Eat the foods you enjoy just eat less.  In most cases half portions of most prepared meals is a good start and it is rarely a good idea to go up for seconds if you are working to decrease body fat.

As always, limit processed foods and eat mainly nutritious whole foods and you will be just fine. 🙂