Bomb Burgers

When I got home tonight I had to make a decision… I have the energy to put together a meal or is it a scrabbled egg night!?  Since I had some pep left in my step, I decided to make one of my favorite meals!  BURGERS!  This meal is AMAZING but get ready to make a mess!  Throw on an apron and roll your sleeves up!


We are not big fans of burger buns so this burger is complimented by a bed of spinach, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. It’s not that we’re against carbs, just that we like to choose healthier options and save the surplus for something better than bread….like dessert! 🙂

Since opening First Guess Fitness, the hubs is working late each night so our dog, Koa, is my dinner date!  I can’t tell if she loves me more or the burger…



Burger Ingredients:

1 TBS coconut oil (I experimented with bacon fat this time instead)

1 lb grass fed ground beef

Cheese for topping (goat cheese tonight but the choice is yours!)

salt and pepper (I have a heavy hand on the salt sometimes!)

lemon juice (1/2 lemon, keep the seeds out!)


1 TBS coconut oil (OR bacon fat!)

1 medium sweet potato

Pinch of sage

2 cups baby spinach

1 large tomato

1 avocado

pinch of salt and pepper

How To:

Note: You will want to do the toppings first so they are ready to slap on top of your burger right when it is done.

  1. Peel and julienne the sweet potato.  No matter how you do this it will be messy.
  2. Add 1 TBS of oil to a pan and add the julienne sweet potato.  Cook till it is the consistency that you want and remove from the heat.
  3. On a plate make a bed of spinach, add slices of tomato.
  4. Take the ground beef add salt and pepper and juice from 1/2 of a lemon.  Mix and make into 4 patties.
  5. Add 1 TBS oil to the pan and cook the patties till desired done-ness.  Just leave a few min to add/melt cheese on top of the patties.
  6. When patties are done add them to the top of the spinach and tomatoes, add sliced avocado, sweet potato on top and take the left over 1/2 lemon and add the juice to the top of the burgers.

Leave the mess in the kitchen and clean up after!  ENJOY!

Thanks to Civilized Caveman for great ideas and meals!