6 Fitness Products that I LOVE

I AM A FITNESS CLOTHES AND PRODUCT JUNKY!  I’ll admit it!  I LOVE new, neat products that make my life easier and more stylish!  I am in love with some new products in my life and wanted (NEEDED) to share them with you!

1. Introducing New Balance 910 and Hologram 574


I do A LOT of walking/running around after kids all day.  By the time I get home my feet are tired!!  I make sure to have shoes available for both work and play that support the pounding I put on my feet.  Trust me if you are good to your feet they will be good to you.  Replacing broken and worn out shoes is essential to happy feet.  I just got these babies the other day and I am in love with them both! I used to be an avid runner and I was particular to a certain brand for YEARS, but New Balance has surprised me with the 910s and I have now converted to NB.  As for the Holos 574, they are comfortable all day long and the colors are so fun!  Just in time for spring to finally roll in!

2. The Ring Cozy


I was introduced to the Ring Cozy via Jen Sinkler. I saw it in many of her videos and had to have it!  I am a newly married lady and still baby my rings.  I would rather keep them on to workout, but the knurling on bars is brutal on them!  I kept thinking I would lose them every time I took them off.  (I LOSE EVERYTHING!) This little baby solves all my problems!  It’s also great outside the gym, for our rock climbing and scuba diving adventures.

3.  6-Pack Fitness, Innovator Meal System


Welcome to my portable fridge.  My husband got me this beautiful piece of luggage for Christmas and I LOVE it! I use the Innovator 500 but there are smaller versions as well.  I am away from home up to 15 hours a day, this requires me to bring a lot of food with me on the daily.  The average lunch box was just not cutting it for me.  This allows me to bring 5 separate meals, shaker cups water bottles, and I have been known to fit my gym clothes and sneakers in here as well.  It comes with cooling packs to keep my food fresh all day that way I don’t take over the fridge at work.

4 Vega Sport Protein


I have never been big into supplements or whey proteins, but once I got into powerlifting I introduced whey into my smoothies and sometimes in my morning coffee.  I have been taking Whey protein for years now and I have recently been experimenting with cutting back on dairy in my own diet.  This lead me in search of a protein without dairy.  I have tried various ones and I am really enjoying Vega Sport. I look forward to trying other plant based proteins, but Vega will be hard to beat.

5. HYLETE cross training pants


I have my fair share of eye catching, brightly colored and almost ridiculous looking workout pants.  What can I say I like to stand out?!  I also have an extensive collection of black tights.  I love to squat, but I don’t love when my crack hangs out.  I have a hard time finding pants to lift in that are comfortable, durable and don’t drop low when I squat low.  HYLETE has a fantastic pair of pants that are all the things I need in one package.  They also have a pair of pants for guys that I HIGHLY recommend for ladies to pick up for the man in their life.  There is nothing like a nice butt in pants that accentuate it!

*Let them know First Guess Fitness sent you and you get 20% off for life!

**Use promo code ‘bergeron25′ for an additional 25% off your first order!

6.  Lift Weights Faster – with Jen Sinkler


I don’t know where to start with this one.  I just straight up LOVE this product from Jen Sinkler.  It has allowed me to switch up my training in ways I never really thought of.  This conditioning workout library is EXTENSIVE and extremely fun.  I want to try everything in it, but I love each workout I try and want to keep doing it.  This product is great for the seasoned lifter as well as someone just starting out.  I can’t think of enough good things to say about it except for you can get it HERE.


That’s it for my loves of the moment!  Check them out and hopefully you will love them too!

Have any products that you love share them below!

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